Introducing Guest Wellness Practitioners

Eva Redpath

This is a new feature for the WTA. Here’s how it works: WTA Members who would like to be considered to be Guest Wellness Practitioners will be listed on this page. Hotels, wellness resorts and retreats, tour operators and retreat leaders who might like to work with these members are welcome to reach to them directly to explore opportunities and negotiate fees and services. Negotiated contracts are strictly between the individual and the company hiring the individual. The WTA holds no responsibility for individual contracts but simply acknowledges that the individuals listed here have met the basic criteria of the WTA and are Members in good standing. 

Eva Redpath

Eva Redpath is a Toronto-based certified Co-Active® Life Coach, award-winning wellness leader, event host, and keynote speaker. She is also a health and fitness expert with a career spanning over 15 years and including being selected as Equinox Signature Program Presenter and Canada’s first Nike Master Trainer. Regularly featured in the media for her expertise, Eva’s passion is to help women achieve their highest potential in all facets of their lives using the tools and resources she provides. When she’s not coaching clients or leading corporate retreats you’ll find Eva on various platforms as a Canadian wellness ambassador for a variety of notable brands. Check out her website! 

My career has included everything from being helicoptered to the top of a frozen mountain in Bugaboo, BC to being driven nine floors down in a parking garage to a secret soccer pitch. I’ve led workouts on top of 16-foot cubes in New York City during fashion week, floating barges on Lake Ontario, stages on Santa Monica Pier, and to 3,000 women in Mexico City. My mission is to provide my clients with the tools, support, and strategies to allow them to transform themselves and their lives so that they can achieve the happiness and success they want and deserve. You can reach out to me at

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